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31712/29/2020Sat2:00 pmYouthU13VHSArsenalSURefUnconfirmed AR1Accept AR2Open MtrOpen
31632/29/2020Sat5:00 pmYouthU15VHSOrcasTBDRefAccept AR1Open AR2Unconfirmed MtrOpen
31723/7/2020Sat2:00 pmYouthU13VHSArsenalNSCRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
31643/14/2020Sat12:00 pmYouthU15VHSOrcasTBDRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
31693/15/2020Sun12:00 pmYouthU15VHSOrcasTBDRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
31703/28/2020Sat12:00 pmYouthU15VHSOrcasTBDRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
31733/28/2020Sat5:00 pmYouthU13VHSArsenalLionsRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
31653/29/2020Sun1:00 pmYouthU15VHSOrcasTBDRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open MtrOpen
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